Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Services in Ahmedabad


At Ecoli Waste Management, we assist producers, brand owners, and importers in meeting the requirements of the Plastic Waste Management Rule-2016. As a leading EPR service provider in Ahmedabad, we ensure your plastic packaging waste is responsibly processed through recycling, re-use, or end-of-life disposal.

What We Provide


EPR Registration in Ahmedabad

We help your entity register on the EPR portal, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

EPR Liability Calculation

We calculate your EPR liability as per CPCB guidelines and Plastic Waste Rules, preparing the necessary data.

Comprehensive Site Visit and Review

Our team visits your site in Ahmedabad to review plastic usage in processes and packaging, helping to prepare detailed data sheets required by the EPR CPCB Plastic portal.

Weight Assessment

We assess the weight of plastic per piece or number to be used in various data sheets.

Inventory Preparation

We prepare an inventory based on invoice copies received from your unit regarding plastic procurement.

Annual Report Preparation

We compile all data into a final annual report and submit it to CPCB, ensuring the final credit transfer for the equivalent amount of plastic waste.

Highlighted Point

Ensure Compliance

Meet all regulatory requirements of the Plastic Waste Management Rule-2016 and its amendments.

Expert Assistance

Benefit from our expertise in handling EPR registration in Ahmedabad and compliance.

Thorough Data Preparation

Rely on our meticulous data collection and analysis to fulfill your EPR obligations.

Annual Reporting

Trust us to prepare and submit your annual report to CPCB, ensuring smooth credit transfer for plastic waste.

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