Collection of E-Waste

E-waste is accumulated in specifically deployed closed vans which collect WEEE from door to door. Logistics are provided for easy collection of e-waste from even far off places in Gujarat. This avoids accumulation of e-waste in offices and homes which can lead to their unauthorized dumping into the landfills. Our services are available 24x7 and we are just a phone call away from recycling your e-waste.

Data Security
When defunct electronic equipments are discarded, the security of the data embedded inside remains of paramount importance. With the rising cases of data infringement at high rates, the protection of the confidential files inside the equipment becomes more sensitive.
At E.Coli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. we take complete responsibility of disposing the entire encrusted data without any violation. We understand our accountability towards our clients and pledge to abide by the same.

E-Waste Process

At E.coli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. we advocate and follow absolutely the norms laid by Central Pollution Control Board Of India [CPCB] and Ministry of Environment and Forest [MoEF].
E-waste is collected from door to door in closed vans. The collected e-waste is then sorted into functional and non-functional categories. Functional e-equipments are renovated and sold. If not functional they are dismantled and shredded into small sizes. The shredded portion is then differentiated on account of recyclable and reusable components like glass, ferrous elements, plastic etc. and hazardous components. Hazardous constituents are then extracted and are taken for systematic disposal.

Treatment of Hazardous Substances

On roughly analyzing the constituent of e-waste, it is found that electronic equipments and electric appliances contain high amount of hazardous metals like lead which can cause nervous disorders. CRT of computer monitors and televisions are very difficult to recycle, owing to their non-biodegradable poisonous metal content. Lead is again one of the major constituent of CRT along with cadmium, beryllium and other flame retardant ingredients. Wires and cables are coated with PVC or polyvinylchloride for insulation which when disposed give out fumes of chlorinated dioxins and furans. Similarly flat screen televisions contain significant amount of liquid metal mercury which seeps into the soil, when these televisions are dismantled in an unauthorized and unsystematic manner. Mercury reaches the underground water and dissolves in the drinking water, ultimately causing neuro-disorders and deficiency in children and developing fetus. Cadmium, another component of monitors of computers, circuit boards and batteries is known to be carcinogenic. These toxic metals and other poisonous chemicals remain conserved in the soil and environment for a very long time and are not disposed off quickly. At E.Coli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. hazardous substance are carefully separated from the recyclable material during e-waste processing and disposed off according to the guidelines laid by Central Pollution Control Board.

Collection of E-Waste Data Security E-waste Process Treatment of Hazardous Substances

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