Service by Team E-coli for Awareness related to BMW Rules among Medical fraternity, Hospitals, and HCU's. We undertake responsibility for treatment of Bio-Medical Waste which generates in the hospitals / HCU's on a contract basis.

Segregation is the key to the whole process, segregation starts mainly from doctors and nurses, therefore, they should be aware of the responsibilities that lie upon them.

We are providing training to paramedical staff like Nurses, Wordboy / Medical Servant, who is the basic pillar for proper management of BMW rules. As whole BMW rules totally depend on Segregation so this type of training & seminar are the basic need for successful treatment of BMW, being generated from individuals, Hospitals & HCU'S.

Ecoliwaste has conducted more than 100 seminars across Gujarat


For awareness regarding BMW Rules & Segregation of BMW. Ecoli is also arranging the training session for Corporate Hospitals NGO's, Govt Hospital Staff & Nursing Colleges for the betterment of society and the environment.