Design as per CPCB Guidelines

  • Incinerator having duel chamber Primary & Secondary.
  • Automatic Feeding System
  • Air Pollution Control Devices like cyclone, scrubber, ventury
  • PLC base Control Panel with graphical presentation of temp. with time.
  • Online Monitoring system to measure CO, CO2 & O2

Design as per CPCB Guidelines

  • The non-incinerable ( blue bag waste ) and infected waste is taken for autoclaving(Gravity Type) at autoclave section.
  • Autoclave process is carried out at 121ºC and 15 PSI pressure on waste & Residence time is 60 min.
  • Autoclave is having diameter 5 X 5 X 6 ft. Working area , having capacity 50kg/hr.
  • Spore test is carried out after complete the autoclave processes.
  • PLC base control panel for graphical presentation of temp. vs. pressure


  • After disinfecting of Bio-Medical Waste in autoclave the Bio-Medical Waste is loaded into Shredder Machine for Shredding process.
  • Shredder Machine is having capacity of 100 kg/hr.BMW.
  • Size of Shredder machine is 4ft. x 4ft x 6ft. Height.
  • Shredded wastes are collected in plastic bags and then send to NEPL for secure landfill

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

  • Waste water generated during treatment like floor washing, Drum washing and scrubber is coming to ETP for treatment.
  • After treatment we are using treated water into scrubber as a scrubbing media.
  • Water and Air samples are tested in our laboratory.

Process Chart