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E.coli waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is an e-waste management company instigated in the year 2007 with a novel idea of environment conservation through recycling of hazardous e-waste. E.coli Waste Management Company has signed MOU with Government of Gujarat for recycling the e-waste generated by corporate¸ small entities and individuals due to dumping of electric and electronic equipments like mobiles, computers¸ ACs etc. It is the only company of Gujarat which is actively involved in recycling of e-waste in a systematic & eco-friendly manner following the safety norms set by the pollution control board.

E-Coli Waste Management System, as a group company has been actively engaged in the Bio-Medical Waste Execution & treatment as per BMW Rules — 1998. Two subsidiaries of the group solely involved in Bio Medical Treatment, have already established well- connected network encompassing more than 2000 HCU´s / Hospitals in North Gujarat¸ primarily in Ahmedabad. Since its instigation, seven years ago, the company has been proving its excellence repeatedly in customer satisfaction through prompt service to each of its members. The present company also strives to carry forward the legacy of core-company by strictly following the guidelines laid by State and Central Pollution Control Board¸ for recycling.

Our Policy :

Mission :

To protect the health and safety of all general public through the delivery of quality public health services and the promotion of health care standards.

Vision :

To providing quality services and promoting healthy communities¸ value us valued by those we serve and our partners as the leading public health organization.

Values :

The following standard norms and laws lay down by the Gujarat pollution control board and our values guide our service to customers.

Excellence :

We achieve and maintain quality results and outcomes through continuous performance improvement and learning.

Empowerment :

We create a culture that encourages people to exercise their judgment and initiative in pursuit of the organizational goals.

Integrity :

Our guide for actions, which incorporates our commitment to honesty, fairness¸ loyalty¸ and trustworthiness¸ is in the best interests of our customers and employees.

Respect :

We recognize and honor the contributions of one another in our daily activities and create an environment where diversity is appreciated and encouraged.

Teamwork :

We encourage active collaboration to solve problems¸ make decisions¸ and achieve common goals.

Commitment to Service :

We dedicate ourselves to provide services unconditionally and without partiality. We take full responsibility for our behavior and performance. We are committed to preserving the world we live in¸ protecting the environment¸ all plant and animal life¸ and making The Earth a better place for future generations. It is our primary management objective to be a leader in deploying and promoting innovative environmental¸ health and safety awareness in the communities we serve while at the same time mindful of minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

Our philosophy is simple :

To work in partnership to all our customers and clientele at all stages in the waste management cycle¸ those who are facing space or budget constraints with Waste storage.

Management :

The directors of these project are having techno legal background of microbiology, environment pollution control & Engineering ¸ since last Fifteen years & we are dealing with many major industrial as well as academic institute in the field of solid waste management¸ air pollution & legal work with Gujarat pollution control board¸ Gandhinagar.

Mr. Prakash Vaghela :

B.E Environment

as a environment Engineer by profession & having 18 years experience in environment field like testing & monitoring of air¸ Water & Solid waste¸ Liaison work with GPCB¸ Design of Air Pollutions control devices & Effluent Treatment Plans.
Lead safety auditors in industries.
Gujarat Pollution Control Board Authorized registered consultant & environment auditors

Mr. Dipesh Patel :

B.E. Mechanical

As a engineer by profession & Having15 years experience in Engineering filed like design & fabrication of Air pollution control devices of any industries & also well experience in biomedical waste management.

Mrs. Bhavini Patel :

B.Sc with Microbilogy & M.L.T.

Mrs. Bhavini Patel is a businesswoman by profession. She has been partnering her husband Mr. Dipesh Patel in his business ventures for over a decade. She looks after broad administrative functions in the company and is a director since inception

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